Leonard from the Garage

Leonard from the Garage - student project


My first attempt is about mental health, stress, anxiety, self-doubt.  Leonard is the name I've given to my Lizard brain.  The part of the brain responsible for fight or flight and something I work with every day to keep my mental health well.  Leonard is someone I am in close contact with quite a lot 

  • I'm not sure I have as many as 15 small noticings but here goes.....
  • He fires up at any point
  • He looks like a lizard.
  • He is jet black and usually wearing black leather like a German officer
  • He lives in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet in my garage
  • I can put him back in his drawer quite easily sometime.  
  • Other times he runs rampant for a few days
  • I'm aware of him which helps
  • I know he helps me but I often wish he would just F*** Off.
  • I'm proud that I can handle Leonard as I know some people cant 
  • I may thank him one day
  • Letting him win can equal choosing a comfort zone so it's best to take him on.  Choose courage over comfort.
  • Meditating calms him down. 
  • The more I understand him, the more ineffective he is.  Here goes.....

Leonard from the Garage by Jon

There's a reptilian in my garage in the bottom drawer

Without warning or reason he clambers out,

Subversive, corrupting, impossible to ignore.

The books and the podcasts say he keeps me safe and secure

But I hate you Leonard, in your musty leather

Acquisitive, bony sharp claws.

I don't think you sleep, Leonard from the Garage

This tenacious lizard who I have to manage 

Asking me to think things at all times of day or night

Causing me angst, stress, to chose fight or flight.

But I'm winning this battle Leonard, even though I'm keeping score

Locking you back in your cold, lonely drawer

Do you know I'm laughing at your muffled protests?

And just watching you during our now one-sided contests?

I gave you a name but you're not getting anything else. 

Thanks Leonard but I've got this.


Leonard from the Garage by Leonard himself

I love my job.  It never gets lonely. Never gets dull.

It never gets tiring keeping him safe and alive

Every day that he comes home it helps me to thrive.

He reads more now, meditates when he wakes in the night. 

Aren't I good? That's down to me!

Before I came along he was footloose, flimsy, fancy free.

I think he gives me a name but I'm not sure why.

I love my job.