Leona Project

Leona Project - student project


Leona is an e-commerce project that will sell exclusive and unique pieces of jewelry crafted with semi-precious Brazilian stones. We want to sell internationally.


future website: www.leonabijoux.com


We are planning on investing on top notch pictures with gorgeous models using some of our items; beautifully dressed and with proper make-up. We don’t want to sell just items, we want to sell an experience.

Mapping what the user wants:

Women wants to feel unique, powerful and beautiful.

What I want to do:

Sell my products to them so they can feel that way.


I want the customer to buy the items on the website or platform.


Maybe a system incorporated to the platform that grants 15% discounts to different items everyday – for only 24h? Maybe put a timer for the offer to run out? Problem is that doesnt seems a good strategy for AAA clients- they dont like feeling rushed. Any feedback on strategies?

User’s place:

Maybe creating a sign-up for women to sign-up and upload their own pictures using the new afforded jewelry? Uploaded pictures will participate in a monthly voting from the registered users and will grant up to 300 BRL (around 150 USD) credit to buy products on the website. This can run for the first months. Also by uploading the picture the website is allowed to use the material for commercial and marketing uses. It will be possible to register on the website with the facebook login option, very popular nowadays on many websites.