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Leon Bridges March 20th @ The Wiltern

Hi my name is Justin and my project is for the Leon Bridges show at the Wiltern in L.A. I've been listening to his debut album Coming Home and I love it. It is so soulful and he is so talented. 


Here is my mood board for my project. I found all these images on his instagram and I saw certain trends, but nothing that I felt like I could not put my finger on. When I start a project, I really like to get a feel for the artist in multiple ways like music,album art, merch art, etc. I feel you are essentially creating something for their brand so it all has to go with them and their Identity. 


Here is a rough Idea of what I had in mind at the start of this project. First image on the left was going to be for a show in Texas. He had a picture on his instagram of a neon boot sign and I thought it would be a good idea, but also felt like it would not work out. Right image was going to just be a potrait of him sitting and playing guitar. This did not happen becasue I'm horrible at portraits hahaha. The bottom is spelling out Leon Bridges with records I feel like this would be a good idea with records making a come back and he also has that 1950's/1960's R&B sound. This is still an option, but I just feel that it isnt the strongest of the designs.


Here is my first initial sketch of a guitar he plays. I was reading the songs on the album and the song called flowers caught my eye because flowers are always in style and is a very popular  image. I thought of doing a floral outline of his guitar and then putting more flowers inside with some retro lettering, spelling his name made out of vines or strings.


Here are my influences of the flowers.


Here is my outline of the guitar. I will play around with the shape of it in Illustrator and finish the neck. So far, this is what I'm left with. I feel this has a very promising design element if excuted right. I feel some what stumped on what to exactly put inside the guitar. I'm open to any suggestions or ideas anyone has. Thank you!


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