Lens Flares in 3-D

Lens Flares in 3-D - student project

Lens Flares in 3-D - image 1 - student project

The title is "Oyster Shell on the Half Log"  This is a modified polypore in which the distort function was used on a quarter of it.  With polar coordinates you can achieve the curve.  Then, as this is another quadrant reflection, you can use distortion to change the lower half to a slightly shorter shape.  Using low key you can take the color out the corners.  A few taps on the saturated slide film will add the richness.  But, the reason this ended up getting posted in lens flare is to show the judicious use of a lens flare can create a pearl with my oyster.

Lens Flares in 3-D - image 2 - student projectLens Flares in 3-D - image 3 - student project

Mark Polk
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