Lennies - student project

Hi, I was asked to do a packaging challenge, I started this class prior to the challenge. The point was to create the most interesting dielines as well as be able to show my design skills. I created a mini mockup/prototype as well as drawings for the piece. Hopefully the person likes what I sent in. But thanks to your class I figured out the best way to sketch out my drawings. I didn't really make a board of drawings due to the fact they only wanted dielines. Lennies - image 1 - student projectLennies - image 2 - student projectHere is the final piece. Its half the actual box size. Along with the dielines, they wanted to know where was I going to foil, what papers was I going to use etc. It's all on the dieline's file. 


Another thing, since the dielines must be original, I wanted to make hinges instead of drawers, but I wasn't sure how to make that in paper (as that is the only thing we can use for the packaging)

Desirey Wester
Designer wanting to brush up on skills