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Lend me your ears!

I've been enjoying this project so far. I took the quote from Robin Hood Men in Tights. Classic movie. One of the few movies I can quote by heart! 


I have a semi finished version already done, but I have been having a lot of trouble with the graph editor being ghosted out and not being able to add the finishing touches on my project. I also had trouble creating the 3D element for the side text with a z axis at 90 degrees... This project has been very fun and challenging. Learning new things all the time and getting to understand After Effects on new levels. 

These are the screen shots of the trouble i'm having with the graph editor.




I've done a lot of research online already and haven't found any answers that help. A lot of them say to turn the separate dimensions on, and other trouble shooting. But all layers are 3d, all layers I haven't altered since following along with your course. I'm very frustrated lol


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