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Lena's Bakery

First off, I have been working full-time for an employer for the vast majority of my design career. All of my freelance projects have been on-the-side gigs. I regret that in the past I never put serious thought into my business, albeit a small moonlighting one, and never thought or researched much into how much I should be charging. Since most of my full-time work has been paid hourly, I just assumed that's how my career was supposed to be. So I have charging my freelance clients an (embarassingly low, I know now from seeing & hearing numbers within this class) hourly rate no matter what I was creating for them, be it a logo for their business or a wedding invitation. Now, just having started this class, I feel like I am "seeing the light" and I'm very excited to learn how to transition my products from commodities to investments. This past year I have been very fortunate to have done more freelance than I ever have in previous years combined. I would love to continue to grow and someday I may like to go full-time with my freelance.

Now on to my project. Any of the freelance jobs I've EVER done could be used in this project, but I'm using this bakery logo as an example. I did what I always do, listened to my client's ideas and guessed at how much time I'd spend on it, and gave her a quote. As what's been normal for most of my projects this year, I wound up having quoted her an hour too much, so after the logo was complete, I ended up billing her for just 3/4 of the price I quoted her. However, she said she was so happy with her logo that she just sent me the full amount of the original quote. :)

And this is not the first time a thing of this nature has happened. So I do think a lot of my clients realize I am charging them too little.


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