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Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design




Mood board about lemonade.

Fresh, icy, start of the summer, looking in the shadow of big threes with good book in a lap, and day dreaming all day long.
I will admit, I don't know what I'm doing, and it's even harder than it looks. I even don't know if I'm inspired, because all the lemon recipes photos make me do some baking and I should start drawing. But hey I did bring on to my desk a jar of lemons and a small lemon trees from seeds in a pot. I love the smell and I like to play with them…. could I do something good in patterns? I really don't know. But I would like to try it out.


I want this summer in the garden with smell of lavender and mint and laying in a swing all day long.


My illustrations look like that. I think I need to decide what size lines I need for finished repeats. And I don't know why everything is so monochromatic...


Also I did play with a pattern repeat and I did realized that when I finished the pattern, all the outlines and black lines are just diapered, I don't know why and what should I change...but here it is.

The thing is also I don't have a good feeling about the size if I can't see them in printed format. It look like I don't have eye coordination with real life size and computer screen. But for now I think I need to decide about outlines what to do with them. And my illustrations look really flat.

So for now I did get a feel that this challenge is not easy at all, or I'm not there yet.

Week 2 and I did learn a lot, and there is still room for more, but it was fun, really fun and I think I will continue with this project throe the summer this year. So this is for now:




I need to play more with my thirds, and maybe I need to make more prints with geometrics repeats, and not so random free form (made by eye feeling).


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