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Sneha T

Creativity Aspirant




I Just Made another one and thought I would share:

My first project in skillshare. I am glad that I took this class. Adobe illustrator has always been a puzzle to me. I just tried this project. Though I got stuck in a few steps, I am happy with the output. 

What is so special about this class? I loved that we can digitalize our own art. It was so exciting to do it. 

So, my inspiration: I was watching "Love Happens" along with the class and the first line of the movie was this. When life gives you lemon, make lemonade.

I searched for some illustrations on lemon. Keeping it as reference, I drew few elemensts. 

Since I don't have a scanner, I took photos. The result was pretty much the same. So I moved on to the next step tracing. 

I had issues with coloring the images. 2 reasons

1. I have no clue why it turned grayscale, I have to search for options to turn it to CMYK

2. Some of my image sections were not completely closed. 

I used photoshop for the final touches cos I feel more comfortable with photoshop. Re-arranged elements and Vola! Loved it!!

Thanks Emily 


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