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Lemon tart

This is the first of a batch of three. I wanted to repeat a couple of times so I could try a couple of technics and decide the best one. (I used the all flour recipe)

This is the one with the thinner crust (thinner than indicated on the class), but I had a hard time taking is out of the paper and transferring to the tin (it broke in the middle and also, I have a small rolling pin). After that I did a thicker one with a smaller tin that went great.

Transferring didn't work at first both times, so I tried two things:

On the first one I rolled the pastry again as described in the baking sheet paper and let it cool a little again in the refrigerator.

On the second I "grounded" the pastry back to the cling film and took it to the fridge. So both pastry and myself could have a little time to chill before starting again. Worked great both times.

I put a little flour under the baking sheet before opening the dough and it worked better to transfer. 

The third one is in the freezer wrapped in cling film, I'll try to open it on another day. I read somewhere that you can do that also, since storing it in the tin would be a problem (all the tins I had available are being used).

Can't wait to eat them!


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