Lemon & Ochre Logo

Lemon & Ochre Logo - student project

Here are some preliminary sketches for Lemon & Ochre, an etsy store concept that has been in the works for some time. My hope is to showcase my illustration projects selling prints, and cards. I am playing around with a few concepts at the moment, although I'd like to put some emphasis on a decorative ampersand and maybe combining this with a lemon-image...? I'd love to hear your thoughts on some possible options to pursue. 

Lemon & Ochre Logo - image 1 - student project

Lemon & Ochre Logo - image 2 - student project


Here are some updated logos for this project. I tried to stay away from too much lemon imagery, but wanted a subtle way to incorporate the fruit into my design. I also explored with some different ampersands and will continue to do so in my next round of revisions. 

Lemon & Ochre Logo - image 3 - student project