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Lemon Blueberry Tart

I think...I hope...I'm done! Here is my pattern collection with spot graphic and name. Looking forward to your feedback! :-) 


OK, I think I've made a secondary pattern that I like and coordinates nicely with the hero. I'd love some thoughts. 


Help! I think I've boxed myself in here... as I'm looking at this pattern next to the hero pattern, I'm thinking it's more a blender pattern instead of a secondary pattern. I can't seem to settle on what to do now. Thoughts?


OK, so here are my sketches and also the work I've done on a hero pattern. I played around with a lot of different ideas for my main pattern, and found that I really just wanted to focus on the lemons and blueberries along with some scrollwork similar to what you find in blue and white china pieces. I've played with A LOT of background color combos and I think this is the one I like the best. I really like how the dark navy background makes the lemons pop. I'd love your thoughts. I'm thinking I will work more on digitizing my floral sketches tomorrow for my secondary and blender patterns. Sorry my sketches are kind of light, I'm a light sketcher. :-)



Hi! Here is my moodboard for my pattern collection. My main color scheme for my home is blue and white with a buttery yellow as the accent. A few years ago I decided to go with lemons and blueberries for my kitchen to tie the colors together throughout the home when I happened upon a lovely lemon and blueberry garland. I've been looking for ages for a fabric to use for curtains and dining room linens and haven't really found much I liked that had both lemons and blueberries - so I decided, why not make my own! And now is the perfect opportunity with this class...so that is the inspiration for my moodboard! I'm super excited to get started...I have lots of ideas floating around in my head! I'd love feedback or thoughts. :-)

Tracey Coon



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