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Gaëlle Lalonde

Illustrator, Designer, Entrepreneur



Leipziger Zoo


This is my first class on skillshare!

I have been using illustrator to create paths to lasercut, but that's all. So I am very exited about understanding that program more!

I live in Leipzig Germany, and the zoo here has very nice vintage posters, so I decided to practice with one of them. I chose one that seems rather simple to me, because I am anxious to start working on my own stuff and don't want to spend ten thousand hours on details. Still there are a lot of details in the house in the background, and some in the fur on his chest.

First Step

After watching the couple first parts of the course, I worked on the main shapes of the image, i.e. the bear. I experimented a lot with the pathfinder tool, which I didn't know at all. Bear with me (pardon the pun), the image is still in its very early stage, for example, I have not started playing with colour at all, the ones that are there are just to make it easier to work it at this point.


To be continued!

I've been working on this image a little bit more, but I feel there is still too much I don't know about Illustrator that is not taught in this class, that I would need to know in order to complete it the way I want.

So I'm putting this on hold until I get around to do some other Illustrator classes that would help me with this image. This class has been a very good introduction to the programm though, and I don't find it so intimidating anymore!


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