Leigh Cambre's YouTube

Leigh Cambre's YouTube - student project

YO! Sorelle!


I'm eager to share my YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/leighcambre. I post weekly inspirational advice content based on what I get tweeted @leighcambre with the hashtag #askleigh. 


My niche is life coaching for optimistic overachievers, something that resonates with me deeply. I feel like striking a balance between happiness and success is a huge benefit not only to my viewers but to others they touch.


Some of my favorite videos include:

• How to Finally Build a Savings Account: https://youtu.be/5H2pGpsRL-w

• How to Stop Scaring Guy Away: https://youtu.be/jpx9Pvg1aac

• How to Get Out of a Funk: https://youtu.be/6HwwwaXHvgA