Legs Like Tree Trunks

Legs Like Tree Trunks - student project

For this project, I chose to do the name of one of my favorite bands, Legs Like Tree Trunks from Pittsburg, PA. They're pretty awesome and experimental, so I wanted to hopefully make something just as interesting as their sound. If it comes out good maybe I can even send it over to them to see what they think!

Originally I went with a thick lettering styled approach:

Legs Like Tree Trunks - image 1 - student project

Which didn't drop out of my head exactly how I had imagened it..

Then I tried to see if I could do something interesting with the ligatures:

Legs Like Tree Trunks - image 2 - student project

but im not too sure about it still.

So I got frustrated, and decided to sketch out another approach which I ended up refining a tad better:

Legs Like Tree Trunks - image 3 - student project

I feel like the lettering gets lost when I get to "Trunks" here. And the flourishes feel like theyre all over the place to me.

Legs Like Tree Trunks - image 4 - student project

With Levels. sketchy life!

Struggling mostly with the layout for both options. I kept running out of space on the paper I was working on for the first option, so maybe I can try again on bigger paper, but I'm not so sure.

Would love some un-sugarcoated crits on these!


David Castillo

Freelance Art Director