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Covers ARG!  I am constantly changing my covers, never sure what is good and what isn't...so, maybe you can help. I have four covers here, any preference?? Thanks!  Comments below would be amazing.  

Opening Blurb

Fire and houses don't mix, and that's a fact.  Things go from bad to worse for Ellie when her Uncle comes up with the terrible idea of turning part of their house into a museum!  Ellie, her cousins, and Roweena, the pooping bunny, desperately try to come up with a plan until they come across a clue that leads them on a quest for treasure, and maybe a way to put everything back to normal.

Target Audience: Middle Grade

Long Blurb

Fire Breaks out at Boltwood Manner, a grand English home, changing Ellie and her Cousin's worlds.  It's not the first time something terrible has happened to this close knit family, but this time they can do something about it.  The adults have foolishly decided in order to recoup their losses they would turn two wings of the house into a museam, like many other grand homes before them.  

Ellie couldn't think of anything worse that could happen, as she says, "No, seriously we have to stop this. This is our home. I don't want to be put on display, do you? Can't you see it. We get out of bed, walk down to the bathroom in our pyjamas, and there is a stranger staring at us, judging us on what kind of slippers we are wearing. Next thing you know, our messy hair and the dried crusties in our eyes make it onto the internet, and we go viral. Which brings loads more people here, dying to see whatever other stupid thing they can catch us doing,"

With Michael and Gail at her side, along with Roweena, the pooping bunny, they head out on a quest for a treasure that they hope beyond hope stille exsists.  Despirate for their plan to suceceed, they set out determined.  If only determination was the only thing they would need.

Sample from Chapter Three:  Mistress of the Toilet

"You have got to see what I got," she said, suddenly rather animated.

Ellie explained about the yard sale that she went to, and then lifted the lid to the bike basket. Out popped a little rabbit sitting on top of the books, which were again, covered in brown spheres.

"She does that," she said, pointing to the box contents. "I'm sure it won't last."

"Does Auntie Mary know?"

"Not yet, but I'm sure she won't mind."

"She always minds, she just doesn't say anything."

"Same thing, besides how can you not fall in love with her. Have you ever seen anything so cute?"

Michael reached over and rubbed the bunny's head. "Well, my advice is, keep her away from Squirrel."

The identical image of Squirrel, riding the bunny flashed through their minds, and it wasn't pretty.

They walked over to the steps at the side entrance and sat down. For a side entrance, it was still really nice. There were wide granite steps leading upwards to a double set of heavy wooden doors, each with a carving of a shield, decorated with acorns. Ellie set her backpack down, and picked up her bunny.

"What's her name?" asked Michael.

"I don't know...Fluffy? Brownie? um, Cinnamon BUNny?" said Ellie in quick succession, and giggled at her own joke.

"Nah. How about Joan of Arc?"

"What does she have to do with bunnies?"

"Nothing, but she was pretty cool."

Ellie shifted her weight back to make herself more comfortable on the hard steps. Little brown pebbles dropped to the ground as she did.

"What the...I just put you there! How could you have done it already!"

She quickly shoved the bunny to Michael, who was laughing almost uncontrollably, at the sight.

"How about Madame Poops-a-lot?" he said, through the laughter.

Ellie shrugged her shoulders, momentarily considering the idea, before shaking her head 'no'.

"Hey, do you remember when that Lady who came to stay with us for the weekend. The stuffy one who was all, 'Sit up straight, and children shouldn't be so noisy, and' when I was at Prince's so and so summer house last week'," Michael asked, doing his best snooty old lady voice.

Ellie laughed.

"Oh yeah, the one who said, 'I can't believe they only set the table with one fork, which one was I suppose to eat, the salad course, or the dinner course? I was completely mortified!'" Ellie said, doing the same voice. "Then, ate a pile of shrimp, Uncle Henry had thrown in the garbage, and had to spent the rest of the weekend in the bathroom."

"What was her name again, Rogain, no Roweena. I think you should call her Roweena."

The Bunny perked her ears up and she looked around.

"I think she likes it. I therefore christen thee, Roweena, Queen of the Bunnies, Mistress of the Toilet," said Ellie, trying to keep a straight face.

Michael picked up his sword and gently placed it down on either side of Roweena's head, making it official.

Link to Legend's Quake on Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/story/38987767-legend%27s-quake


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