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Albert Myles Mejia

Founder & Owner of Legal Hustle Clothing



Legal Hustle Clothing - Year 2013



Founded: April 2011

Founded By: Albert Myles Mejia

Designer: Albert Myles Mejia

Owner: Albert Mejia

Located: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Email: [email protected]

Established in April 2011 Legal Hustle Clothing is a clothing brand that is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada managed and owned by Albert Myles Mejia.

Legal Hustle Clothing was created to embrace the inner Hustler and the everyday Hustle that everyone goes through. The brand views Hustling in a positive notion; no matter what race, culture, or background a person has. Legal Hustle Clothing is not only a brand but also a positive lifestyle that we believe everyone should embrace - whether you are a student, working a career or just on a daily grind. Changing the negative connotation of the word “hustle” to a positive one, we are here for you to recognize what you wouldn’t have imagined yourself to be. We are a brand built for the individual who have chosen a path in life that they have built their success on.

"You may think I'm on my way to something good, in my mind I'm on to something great" -Legal Hustle Clothing


Want to know a little more about us personally and about our company check out our short documentary.

Legal Hustle Clothing: Hustle to the Top (Short Documentary)



Total and Target Market:

The total market for the fashion in the streetwear industry is growing everyday with newer brands and products, with the help of celebrity and media endorsements the streetwear industry has not only grown as a type or genre of fashion but it has grown to become its own culture.

Target markets that Legal Hustle Clothing would be focused on would be towards the hip-hop, dance, streetwear and sneaker community, which will grow into other targets such as the surf, skate and snowboard scene. Majority of our targets would range between the ages of 15 and older with middle to highincome and lifestyles.

  • 16 & Older
  • Hip-Hop Influencers
  • From the dance floor, hitting rails, catching a wave, and if you're Canadian like me feeling that fresh powder.
  • Middle to High Class


Generating Revenue:

When we first started this company we generated revenue through our savings that we had saved up specifically for the company. Since our mini investment into the company we have profited fairly well.

In order to generate more revenue I believe solidifying ourselves as an online store and through our city would help us generate more buzz in the scene. As of right now our 6 month goal is to build up our customer base through events, friends, social media, and of course word of mouth. After the 6 month "strengthening" period we will start email different retailer around North America.

Staff Members/ Employees

As of right now Legal Hustle Clothing is ran between my business partner and I. Currently we do have assigned photographers and quality control services but besides that we are a little under staff. In order for us to run smoothly especially because we are in school if we had a solid team of at least 8-10 members that can help with pick up/delivery, social media, and also a little bit of business and marketing aspect.


  • Being that we are still students sometimes our goals and deadlines are put on hiatus for a while.
  • Finances are also a problem at times when trying to make a bigger order
  • Balance between school life, work life, and personal life.
  • Staffing


Social Media:


IG: LegalHustleClothing

Twitter: @LegalHustleInc

Email: [email protected]

Youtube: LegalHustleClothing

“Keep on that grind and keep on that Hustle cause you’re doing it right.” –Legal Hustle Clothing




Legal Hustle Clothing Commercial



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