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Albert Myles Mejia

Founder & Owner of Legal Hustle Clothing



Legal Hustle Clothing - Year 2013



Established in April 2011 Legal Hustle Clothing is a clothing brand that is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada managed and owned by Albert Mejia (Founder) & Jeremy Alfon (Creative Director).

Legal Hustle Clothing was created to embrace the inner Hustler and the everyday Hustle that everyone goes through. The brand views Hustling in a positive notion; no matter what race, culture, or background a person has. 

Legal Hustle Clothing is not only a brand but also a positive lifestyle that we believe everyone should embrace - whether you are a student, working a career or just on a daily grind. Changing the negative connotation of the word “hustle” to a positive one, we are here for you to recognize what you wouldn’t have imagined yourself to be. We are a brand built for the individual who have chosen a path in life that they have built their success on. Inspired by many things but more of our inspiration comes from the hip-hop culture, music, dance, and of course sneakers! 


“Keep on that grind and keep on that Hustle cause you’re doing it right.”


Word Mark Break Down


Taking a look at the word mark, the word "Legal" sported with a Bold Athletic Font represents a persons Legal Hustle as being strong and daring. No matter what you do, you know what you do is going to take you a step ahead from yesterday.

The word "Hustle" in a Cursive but Smooth design represents a persons Hustle as not only be strong and daring but to show that your Hustle can also be Beautiful & Elegant. Whatever you are doing in life is  a talent and a craft, you own it!


Icon Logo


 Since MMXI Logo


The Hustle Logo




Legal Hustle Clothing Commercial


IG: LegalHustleClothing

Twitter: @LegalHustleInc

Email: [email protected]

Youtube: LegalHustleClothing

"You may think I'm on my way to something good, in my mind I'm on to something great" -Legal Hustle Clothing



Spring/Summer 2014 - Loyalty Over Royalty


 A closer look at the Loyalty Over Royalty Ana (LORA) tee.  

Represented to none other than a Ride or Die chick.  For every King there is a Queen who is ready to risk it all with and for them. Nobody is more loyal that your right hand girl.


 Loyalty Over Royalty Chess Pawn26458fe2

The Chess Pawn is featured on the shirt to represent its loyalty to its king. Multiple pawns are played in Chess and are used in order to sacrifice their lives for their King and Queen as well as the rest of their team.

Ski Mask Loyalty Over Royalty




Legal Hustle Clothing's Since MMXI snapback rocked by Jonathan "Jon Boogie" Rabon alongside Justin Bieber.


Want to know a little more about us personally and about our company check out our short documentary.

Legal Hustle Clothing: Hustle to the Top (Short Documentary)



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