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I've spent a few days on a beach with some friends and just returned from there. The beach was Bombas, in Santa Catarina, Brazil. It's a beautiful place, there are animals and plants that still made you feel amidst nature, despite all the buildings that are also there. It is summer now here, and the number of tourists looking to spend the hollydays chilling on the sea just goes through the roof - and Bombas is one of their favorite places. As a biologist, I'm always interested and concerned about the impact that a great number of people can cause on a natural enviroment, so for this project I was looking to show how people come to the beach, produce a lot of garbage and then just leave it all there. This trash can cause a terrible impact on marine wildlife, and is a problem that we see on many places around the world, ending up in turtles or birds eating plastic or getting trapped  on plastic bags. So I was walking through the sand, my non-wheatherproof D80 wrapped on the bag I use to keep moisture away from it, shooting happy people sunbathing or running - and then I saw something flowing into the waters. There were some "channels" that drain water from the city to the ocean, but this one was colored with a deep blue hue, staining the sand and ending up in the waters just a few meters away fom tons of unaware people and god-knows how many marine animals. Some of them were looking, making a "eww" face, while others just ignored it and even stepped on or bathed near the weird blue water. Later I've discovered that this blue hue was actually a corant put by the municipal government on the sewers of houses and establishments suspected of dumping untreated or toxic waste on the ocean. I don't known how "clean" was the corant they used itself, and it is sad to think that the punishment for the responsibles might be just a ticket or something like that, and that soon they'll probably do the same thing all over againg. But the saddest thing is to realize how little we can care for the life that's around us - humans, animals and, sometimes, even ourselves.


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