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Loi Laing





When I set out to complete this project, I did not have anything specific in mind. My main objective was to cut out pictures that called to me. By the time I started assembling the images on the board, I realized the overarching themes included my longing for home, my ancestry, and the person I aspire to be.

It's funny that I wasn't conciously thinking of those things as I was cutting out pictures, but my moodboard is very tropical and looks like Jamaica, where I grew up. The browns remind me of my grandfather's farm, and the coffee he used to grow. The blues make me think of the sky and beaches that my parents would take me and my brother to when we were little. The greens remind of all the trees and mountains.

Our national motto in Jamaica is "Out of many, one people." It means that who we are is comprised of many different ancestries and ethnicities, but as a people, we are one. When I look at these images, I see the images, colors, and textures of Africa, India, and China, the places my ancestors came from, and the legacy that those cultures represent. 

The colors in this moodboard provided inspiration for the eyewear sketches below. I love the deep browns, reds, yellows, and greens in the pictures.

My favorite shape with the mesaurements. Looking at the image though, I seee that I'd prefer the bottom portion of the frame to be more narrow.

The yellows, reads, and greens are colored acetate laser cut-outs and nestled in an acetate frame colored to replicate the deep brown and flecks in a coconut shell. The colors in the yellow rice with the tomatoes, and greens, as well as Bob Marley's colors on my moodboard, and how those colors show up naturally in nature provided the inspiration for these sunglasses.


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