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Creating concept characters for the second in the Resonance Tetralogy to the character-driven fantasy book "Legacy" by Hugo Jackson. Pease forgive me for slightly obscure descriptions, I will try to describe without giving too much of the book away!

Stage 1: Tumbnails

I focused on three characters to begin with: 1-4 are the antagonist. Trying to get the feeling of a once proud and graceful queen Lioness, warped and corroded into a rotting skeleton by centuries of being encased in crystal with her own twisted will.

5-6 are the protagonist's father: sleek and powerful but burdening a chronic illness. 

7-9 are of a proud 1000 year old gryphon (roughly middle aged)

Through other student's help and my own decisions - I chose to refine 2, 5 and 9. I think the refinements stage makes it fairly clear which one I was sticking to...

ON TO THE REST! (The face for the last one was really driving me mad - I might not take this one ahead. The first one is a definite, though.)

Very brief variations:
My borther asked for a combination of parts of all three, which leads onto the development of the final piece

Progress so far:
(also, SQUIGGLE!)


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