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I am a lefty, and this is hard.  I was never blessed with great handwriting, and my technique with the basic construction of letters was so far beyond legible, I was basically starting from scratch here-  as if I am teaching myself to walk all over again.  

My calligraphy journey started when I fell in love with the font 'Bombshell'.  At the time I felt like the location of this font was the best kept secret of the internet.  I searched and searched and searched the depths of the internet trying to find it.  I saw this modern calligraphy font on wedding invitations, stationary, greeting cards.  I was enamored.  

I downloaded the font, however, felt limited with my little knowledge of photoshop and illustrator.  Taking matters into my own hands, I decided to reasearch and learn calligraphy.

A few nibs, paper, ink, and this class and it begins...

Re- learning my ABC's

Learning consistency


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