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Lefty learning calligraphy!!

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Hey everyone! Just started this class today! I have a background in architecture and I love watercolorsbut I've always wanted to get into calligraphy. The first practice round went pretty well ( I tend to write slanted due to being a lefty) but the alphabet proved to be tricky since I'm a lefty and kept smudging. Practice makes perfect so I'm hoping it'll get better! (K's are hard for me, as you can see)

I got all three nibs that were suggested but so far I love the nikko g!

October 8, 2013:

these photos are from Sunday but I didn't have time to put them up until now. Slowly getting the hang of things and finally feeling comfortable to stop tracing. I also got an actually calligraphy pad of paper today so i'm excited to test that out. I also got white, turquoise and gold ink! So stay tuned for some calligraphy uploads of me using all those fun new inks!

This was traced but you can see I'm getting better and having a little more fun haha

Tracing the capital letters and trying out some numbers 

Testing out out some freehand with my friends names and mine! I did some freehand alphabets on this sheet too but I also wrote out my address and some friends first and last names so I didn't want to post that. I'll update again soon! 


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