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Lefty Lettering Love

Learning to letter the lefty way, one day at a time.  

Interested in seeing more?  Check out my facebook page: 


And see more of my designs on my website:  http://www.fleuripost.com

I'm on a white gouache kick these days.  This was a custom print that I just mailed out last week. I mix a pea size drop of white qouache with a few drops of higgins white ink instead of adding water.  Anyone else using white ink on dark backgrounds?

I made up some original hand-lettered prints over the weekend for a fundraiser for Haiti. My friend is adopting a boy from Haiti (and is in year 3 of the process) and is going to visit him at the orphanage in a few weeks.  Here's my attempt at making some prints for the nursery.  The "oyster" one was a big hit.  

Just finished my first envelope commission.  I did them for free since I am still a wee baby beginner, but this was a great way for me to practice my majuscules.  (PS The addresses in the photo are fictional to protect people's identity!). 

Happy First Dat of Spring!  Practiced with gouache this morning, using my new Zebra G nib!

feeling very inspired from all the little signs on spring this past weekend!

tried some new nibs this weekend.  keep coming back to the nikko g for now.  i've pretty much written down every lyric, poem, and quote I can think of!  so many ideas for future lettering!


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