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Left Handed Learning

I love lettering and have wanted to know basics for some time! I will be posting my class progress here, I'm hoping that being left-handed won't hinder me too much! 

||most recent work at the bottom||

This is day one, 8.14.14. I keep putting too much pressure on the nib and making blots of ink! I will be practicing more hand control.


Even though having two kids doesn't leave me a lot of time, I've been practicing my alphabet as much as possible!
I find it very relaxing to write letters over and over and 
I'm beginning to see what my style will be by which letters are my favorite!


I got bored writing letters last night so I decided to start writing quotes and trying to figure out what my favorite letter shape is.


I've been practicing at least 30 minutes a day (I have two kids so that's quite a feat!) and am really getting my own style. I experiment daily with different letter shapes  and am finding my favorites!

12/12/14-- Here is our Christmas card I lettered and am getting printed! I'm happy with how it turned out. I am also closer to always writing in a certain style although I have trouble with b's & w's!                     


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