Sniper Streets




Leer Lookout

Raw Photograph


Edited Photograph


This is one of my favorite cityscape photographs for three reasons. Firstly, I love the light trails created by the moving cars, in the bottom corners, and how they balance each other out. I love to incorporate motion whenever I can into my cityscape photographs, to show the vitality of the enviroment. The second aspect, that I love about this photograph, is the amount of light from the buildings and street lights. Birmingham can be a tough city to photograph at night, due to it's smaller size, and I shot this photograph on a fantastic night. The last aspect of this photograph, that I love, is the composition. I'm shooting with my lens at 18mm to capture as much of the enviroment as possible but not warp it in an unnatural manner. I love to show a tremendous amount of vertical scale in my cityscape photographs whenever I can. 

Jamal- thanks again for teaching another great class!


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