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Jordan Moser




Leef and Co.

Leef and Co. - "Inspiring Innovation From Our Roots"

      Welcome to the family, and the movement of creative minds.  Leef and Co. is a lifestyle accessory brand created in April of 2012.  Our goals from the beginning have been to create goods that have been created, but put our special touch on them, or to create goods that have never been made before.  We believe in prospering by innovation.  These days anyone can create a, "clothing company." (Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Etc.)  That being said, people everywhere in every industry - including street wear - are so thirsty for innovation and new ideas.  This is why we chose to go the route we are on.  Not only to stand out from the rest of the world, but to also inspire other people to go outside of the box.  We've never been concerned of what people thought of our goods and their features.  If it makes sense to us, but is cool and different, we want make it.  At Leef and Co., we study our own daily lives and interests, and create to benefit ourselves.  It's only a plus if it makes sense to our customer as well.  That being said, we try not to loose sight of where we came from - Our Roots; Music, Fashion, and California Culture.  It only makes sense that all these things fuel our brand.  

" Rare Summer " - Lookbook


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