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Leeds United - History Remembered

Hey guys, my name is Steve and I am presenting what is my very first project and my very first motivations board. My interest in kits stems solely from a hugely passionate interest. I have messed around in photoshop with a few kits here and there, but other than that - I have no design background and especially not kit design background so I welcome all constructive feedback as alot of you will have much needed experience and will be a much needed sounding board 

My chosen project is going to be for a team steeped in history and a team that is longing to be back amongst the elite, and back where its passionate fans demand

My chosen team is Leeds United AFC who I have inadvertently grown up with as a child as they are my fathers team. Myself and my brothers followed a different team to that of my father, but in terms of design I feel like Leeds deserve a kit that represents their heritage and their history.


Leeds United are officially known as Leeds United AFC but over time this name has not stuck. They were however initially known as Leeds City back in 1904 when they originated, but factors forced that team to shut down and in its wake, Leeds United AFC rose in 1919 and were invited into the Midlands League. Leeds' most succesful era will have been during the 60s and 70s where they won the majority of their domestic and european trophies, their last trophy being 1992 when they lifted the top tier division title. They have been as low as the third tier in recent memories and are striving to reach back into the top tier. 


Leeds began life (as the above black and white picture details) actually wearing white and blue stripes due to the preference of a rival clubs chairman who was attempting to merge the two clubs. This never panned out but the kit remained until 1934 - where Leeds adopted a blue and yellow halved shirt and this was the kept in place, in one iteration or another, until 1961 when Don Revie brought in the now familar all white shirt. Don Revie, who is Leeds most succesful manager to date, felt that an all white shirt would help Leeds play in a similar way to that of Real Madrid. 

(some examples of Leeds kits - past and present)



Is pretty simple, we are looking at whites, blues and yellows


Like their kit, leeds have had a rich history with their emblems which have used many historical and relevant icons relating to the club. 

The club did not introduce their own badge until 1964, preferring to adopt Leeds City's old badge until that date. WIth their first emblem in the mid sixties they developed a crest with perching owls, which was taken from the Leeds City crest, which in itself was based on Sir John Savilles crest, who was the first alderman of Leeds. 

The late seventies has seen a few badges come and go including one centred around a peacock design, which relates to the former name Elland Road (their stadium) The Old Peacock Ground. The eighties signified the latest switch of iconic imagery, deciding to utilise the White Rose of York, depicting that as the main emblem - and its this white rose, in one form or another - that remains Leeds crest to date


As stated above, my aim in this project is to design a Leeds United AFC home kit that pays tribute to their history and iconic imagery whilst freshening up the dated image they have protrayed in the last 5-10 years. There may also be a playing around with the badge to try modernise that as well. 

I have no idea if I will stick with the more readily accepted all white for their kit or adopt the historical yellow and blue halves. I need to think and let the history talk to me - then let it sit and play around on the drawing board. 






On all home kits I have tried to play around with the concept of their 1930s kit of halved yellow and blue, but opted for the decision to remain within the readily acceptable all white. Too  much change can be a bad thing in some instances. (still not sure what to make of Cardiff's shift)

This is why on each home kit I have experimented with varying levels of simplicity but kept a natural symmetery to it. 

I made simplistic changes to the badge as well, nothing too inventive or drastic, just blending it in with the kits. 

Last changes I made was to bring on a new sponsor, something that spoke to the supporters (I know this isnt anything to do with the kit company but really wanted something different on the front)

As always, any comments on potential favourites or how any can be improved - or even just bits you like/ dont like - please let me know. 

As well as the home kits which is the main focus, I also had a play with the away kit and designed three kits there as well. 





For the most part, the away kits stick to the traditional colours of a Leeds away kit (blue and yellow) but with one I wanted to have a go at their infamous green and purple kit from the early 90s that has quite often been voted 'one of the worst kits ever' not sure I have made any better attempt at it, but it was just a bit of fun. 

Kit 1 and 3 for the away are the more serious contenders with myself leaning towards Kit 3. One detail that I would add to Kit 3 would be that the white button (cost being acceptable) would have a white tudor rose as the button. 

Again, any comments and all feedback is most welcome. 


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