Ledbury Shirts

Ledbury Shirts - student project

Ledbury proves that quality craftsmanship is well and alive. 

Background information

  • www.ledbury.com
  • Google Search Trends for Men's Dress Shirts for 2012 (investigate further)
  • Audience

  • Typically high-net-worth guys between the ages of 35 and 50 – though they trend younger and older, too
  • 65% of our customers return after a year; we’ve had one customer who has ordered 124 shirts in 16 months. After the recession, we were pulling people down from their $300 dress shirts as they sought out quality at a value. What we’re finding as things improve are Brooks Brothers and Charles Tyrwhitt customers saying, “For a $30 premium, I’ll try something that might last longer and look better.”
  • The majority of our marketing has been word of mouth. It starts with one guy on the trading desk, then we’re sending 15 packages [to his colleagues].