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Lecture 5 Activity

Welcome to your homework activity.

● These activities are designed to help you get more comfortable with the actual application of the theory.
● We will be here giving you practical guidance along the way with examples of the homework in each section.
● Good luck, have fun and start networking!

Approach 3 people within the next 2 weeks and start a conversation based on acompliment. Follow up this compliment with a related question.

Don’t stress, here is some extra help.

● Approach a work colleague. Give him/her a compliment on a garment or accessory (shoes/watch). Ask where did they get it from.
● Approach someone at the gym. Give him/her a compliment on their sneakers. Follow up by asking if they have any training brand they would recommend.

Please give us some feedback so we can help even more!Leave your message in the discussion board.
● What was your compliment based on?
● How did your follow up go?
● Is there something you could have done differently?

Give us feedback on how this went by submitting what you complimented someone on and what their response was.


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