Lecture 11 - write a poem



Through splattered hedgegrow, brambles stalk

And snare, who unsuspecting walk

Too close, too near, or whispered breeze

Is snagging cloth, not freed with ease.

This nature path, shaped like a cove,

Has soft white bloss’m that seems to clothe

sweet countryside, with life abound,

From firm, green leaf to soiled ground.

And so, from solar glare I squint 

And follow bee through wild mint.

He dances in his flow’r vibrate

In foliage round the garden gate. 

Jill Pritchard 


Iambic meter 


4 feet - 2 syllables per foot

PLEASE : keep in mind regional accent. 

eg “wild mint” (pronunciation: (why)ld mint. 

THANK YOU so much for this course! I’ve always written poetry, but I’ve never known about style or form, or anything of meters and feet! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us xxx