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Leche Libre Breastfeeding Apparel

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In addition to doing the mindmapping, I looked up a few words in a thesuarus that I keep using repetitively and that helped me to get a better idea of what I was going for in addition to helping me use more varried vocabulary.

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10 Second Pitch Written:  Leche Libre creates sophisticated breastfeeding apparel with an edge to empower the modern mama to easily integrate nursing into your dynamic lifestyle without having to sacrifice your personal style.  Don't let anything limit you from being who you want to be.  Be yourself.  Express yourself.

10 Second Pitch Spoken:  I launched Leche Libre because I wanted to create stylish and edgy clothing for breastfeeding women.  When I was looking for breastfeeding wear, the only thing I could find made me feel like a frumpy old mom.  I want to help women feel sexy and stylish while being the best Moms they can be.

Target Market:  Leche Libre will target breastfeeding women aged 25-45.  Our mama is a strong minded woman determined to integrate her individual lifestyle with her new role as a mother.  She is fashion conscious, sophisticated with a touch of grit, urban and professional.  She takes motherhood seriously and is very passionate about breastfeeding.