Lebron James, Heat and Cavs

Lebron James, Heat and Cavs - student project

I used two different images. Instead of creating the masks with the same photo I chose to use a different photo. Because of this I initially lost unity in the color palette, etc. and the diamond shapes stuck out way too much. It looked bad. I tried to mitigate this by messing around with color overlay of the background image (it was more red so I created a yellow overlay). Then I changed the diamonds to be red-orange instead of black. Then I lowered the opacity of the images masked over the diamonds so they appeared less yellow and more red. The end result is that everything looks to be around the same hue and tone so that the original concept of the project was intact (having the end result look like a abstract collage of the same photo). Obviously you can still tell I used two different photos, I just tried to bring a red and yellow photo together to be more orange.

Any suggestions please let me know!

Lebron James, Heat and Cavs - image 1 - student project