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Leaving the Canvas: Digital Portrait Painting **PUBLISHED**

Reached my first milestone, in my first class ever! I'm so grateful to have made it this far, and will continue to push forward. Next up, 50. Let's do this!


If you too want to sharpen your skills in (digital) portrait painting, then feel free to enroll here:


I just reached my first 20 students! I know the official milestone is 25, but I'm so overwhelmed by the positive feedback that I've received so far.

There are still 15 free seats in my class, so enroll here if you're interested:

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After many hours of fine tuning things, I've published my class! Thank you for all the comments and feedback thus far guys. I really appreciate the positive vibes within the community on here. I always felt motivated by you all to keep pushing forward and get it done! So without further ado, here's "Leaving the Canvas: Digital Portrait Painting".

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If you're not a Premium member, here's the free enrollment link (25 seats):

Congrats to everyone that published already before me, and good luck to those that are still fine tuning theirs!



Intro complete! Hands down the hardest part of this entire process. It took a lot longer to make the intro than to record and edit the longest part of my class (10mins) lol. Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone!


In this course, I will go through my personal process of digitally painting a portrait in Adobe Photoshop. I'll provide an overview of the techniques that I've developed over the years as a professional Freelance Illustrator. We'll go through each step of the process together from finding your reference, all the way to the final polished stage. As this class is designed to focus on the painting portion, a good understanding of drawing and anatomy is a plus, but not required. If one is dedicated, a portrait can be completed in a few hours.

“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.”

- Oscar Wilde



Your assignment is to create your own portrait painting (digitally) from start to finish. Feel free to use any reference that you like and inspires you. Although I'm showing you my own processes and techniques, feel free to get creative and branch off.

Don't have Photoshop on your computer? You can download the free trial at

If you have an alternate program that you're more accustomed to, you can also use that (Manga Studio, Paint Tool Sai, etc.)


Share your final painting with the class. Also, feel free to upload your steps, or ask questions along the way.



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