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Sergio Yamasaki

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Leaving the Beach / Mission: Downstairs / Crazy Dad

Journal: August 22th

Research - Here is what i got on the location, what we looked like when we were kids and the cars of that time.

Journal: July 19th

I choose story #1 - it´s the one i like more. Not the simplest. But i relate to it more...

Journal: July 18th

# My First idea is based on a memory i have from my childhood when i was a kid.


My whole family (mother, father, brother, me and my two sisters) went to the beach on a weekend and when we were leaving my little sister left my mother and ran to the street. A car hit her. At the same time all others cars stopped. the driver who hitted her, a woman, got off the car and started yelling at my mother who was in shock. My little sister was laying down on the ground. She got up, looked at my mom, looked to the driver and said. F... off! B...! And gave her the finger. And we all crossed the street safe.

#The Second Idea is based on a childhood memory Too.

I used to do a really dangerous stunt with my little brother when i was a kid. I used to fill a large tube tv box with pillows put my little brother inside and roll him down the stairs of our building. It was like a nasa mission for us. He used to wear my cushioned goalkeeper uniform. And we normally make a countdown before the launch. The best part was when he got of the box and says: "houston, mission accomplished! the eagle has landed!"


#The Third Idea is from my childhood but i don't remenber it.

My mom told me that when i was about three years old and my sister was one. I locked my mother outside our apartment (on the 10th floor) by shutting the door and turning the key. My mother asked for help and our neighbour who was a retired air pilot and very stressed called my dad. My mother stayed at the door talking to me to make sure i wouldn't go to the windows. A few minutes later my dad got home and the neighbour started to stress my dad telling him i could die that it was dangerous. My father got so stressed that he jumped from the neighbour apartment window to ours and "saved me" (i was sleeping on the floor near the door. Later the firefighters came with a giant crane but i was already safe. After that day i always admired firefighters they are real life heroes like my crazy dad. 


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