Leaving Town


Ticket to Anywhere

The train was always soothing, but Tamara Owens hesitated before approaching the counter. Where is my life going, she thought, nowhere. At least here.

Tamara felt her legs wobble. She told herself it was just a ticket to a new life. She’d let her family know once she got there. “Um, I need a ticket.” There were few places she could go on the amount of money she had in her purse and she didn’t want to put it all on one ticket. She needed some travel money.

Should have stayed and earned more, she thought as she slid her ID towards him.

“You haven’t told me where you’re going.” He glanced at the ID. “Oh, you’re Tamara Owens. I have something for you. Just a minute.” He began rummaging around somewhere beneath the counter. Tamara turned and glanced around the small train station. There should be more people leaving. There wasn’t anything here.

When she turned back, the man was holding out a white envelope. “Good thing you got here. Train will be here any minute and then pulling out as quickly as arriving.”

She took the envelope, stared at it and then at him in confusion. She sat in one of the empty seats just a few feet away.

“Hear that Tamara? That’s the train. Better catch it or you won’t.”

Tamara rushed out the back to the tracks. The conductor waved her over and she boarded the train.