Leaves - student project

Leaves - image 1 - student projectWe had a thunderstorm this afternoon with hailstones and torrential rain. Rather than do some gardening I decided to paint some leaves instead. I managed to pick only 2 leaves without getting soaked so I used these to play with and I could see a pot of geraniums from the patio doors.

I didn’t have any cling film but I had some bubble wrap so I used that. It turned out to be my favourite leaf, I know it isn’t realistic but I love it… one for a frame. I hope I can replicate it and it wasn’t just a happy accident.

The rest of the leaves were followed as instructed. 

My three leaves using the techniques and colours. 
My acer leaves were printed, wet in wet, dry brush, wet on dry.

The geraniums followed Kates instructions and the orange/yellow one was copied from my pot geranium, still wet in wet.

Leaves - image 2 - student projectLeaves - image 3 - student project


I really enjoyed this excercise. Very relaxing. 


Leaves - image 4 - student projectLeaves - image 5 - student projectLeaves - image 6 - student project