Leaves of Trees Natural Skin Care (www.leavesoftrees.com)

Leaves of Trees Natural Skin Care (www.leavesoftrees.com) - student project

Leaves of Trees Natural Skin Care (www.leavesoftrees.com) - image 1 - student project

My company, Leaves of Trees, offers a line of luxury personal care products which are handmade, fair-trade and all-natural for people who want to make healthy and socially responsible choices about the products which they use but who aren't willing to sacrifice style and fine quality. The packaging is minimally reactive, reusable or recyclable and labels are individually screen printed, by hand.

I recently launched my website. You can check it out at www.leavesoftrees.com.

In terms of user acquisition strategy, I launched my products at local craft shows in November and December and I handed out postcards to customers and others which included details about my products as well as my web address. I added social media buttons to my website to encourage sharing and I also offer a $5 discount to those who share anything from the site on their social networks. I have also added customer reviews on every product page.  I received a free coupon from Google Adwords and so I tried to set up some google ads but I think that I did something wrong and I haven't had the chance to go back and check it.  I made a note of the high yield search terms but have not used them for SEO. I did successfully take out some paid Facebook advertising for my Boxing Day Sale at the end of December.

Roohi Qureshi

Head Honcho at Leaves of Trees