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Leaves and waterfalls

I was planning for a different location but I was having a hard time finding a high perspective on our Main Street, so I kept riding along downtown until I remembered Finley Park.  It's a city-created, stepped water fall/park in the middle of the city.  I used to photograph there a lot in college but got a little burnt out so I figured it was time to take a fresh perspective on the park.

Here's my high shot overlooking the park.  

There's alot going on in this image and I used a wide angle attachment (so it's sort of a tool photo too!) so I tried another version cropped in.  I think I prefer the wide version but it's interesting to see how a very similar vantage point can be so dramatically different based on perspective.

Next was my low perspective.  I tried a few different foregrounds, but I found the view next to all the fallen leaves was my favorite.

My little guy wanted to help with the Selfie so we found a cool spot, set the timer with a 3 shot burst on a gorillacam app and he started telling me a story.  The curved bench worked out to be a fun leading line.

Not sure if this counts as a tool, but I thought the moving water would be a fun opportunity to try a slow shutter speed app I've been playing with.  Here's a half second expose, hand held so it's a bit soft-next time the gorillapod is going in the car too!  This is basically looking straight down holding my camera over one of the rails along the waterfall edge.  I liked that there was still some greenery around to contrast with the orange/tan fall leaves.

Images were editted in VCSOcam mostly with varying degrees of the M5 and M3 series of plug ins with other customizations.  I also did some selective adjustments in Snapseed for the brightener areas.

While it's not the series I planned, this really was a good exercise in stretching your idea of perspective. Not a bad way to spend a cool fall afternoon. :)


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