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Maret Paetznick

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Leave the Edges Wild


Sketch #2:

  • This looks nothing like I imagined when I first started out...
  • I think "edges" as a sans serif would have been a better choice? 
  • Still not my favorite. I feel like I still have so much more exploring to do! Maybe I'll try a bunch of rougher sketches before doing my next sketch--something inbetween a thumnail and this.

Sketch #1:

  • "Wild" needs to be centered. Derp.
  • The first "E" in "edges" is too close to the...well...edge
  • I would like "wild" to stand out more. I think darker foliage at the bottom may solve that. (More contrast.)


After taking quite a while to get into the groove of thumbnailing, I finally have a few ideas I'm excited to work on. Some of the concepts are similar, but I'm thinking I can have some fun adding variation in style with the foliage and lettering. The red arrows indicate my favorites.


Usually my sketches and warm-ups are a lot rougher than this. Through this whole process I've had to keep telling myself to slow down and take the time to flesh out my ideas.

I had a lot of fun with the black letter and the two on the bottom. I may play more with the bottom left. Maybe put it on a curve or throw some tiny serifs in there?


For inspiration I looked at typefaces with lots of flourishes to go with the theme of weeds and overgrowth. (Note to self: more flourishes in life in general.) The resources Mary Kate had posted for us were droolworthy. I think I could spend a lot more time gathering inspiration, but at some point, you just have to get down to it.


Leave the Edges Wild

"Leave the Edges Wild" is a theme threaded throughout Over the Rhine's latest album, Meet Me At The Edge Of The World. After to their new farm in rural Ohio, the band members (a couple) were advised by a family member, upon seeing the land, to 'leave the edges wild.' This became a metaphor for living a life open to possibility, mystery, and wonder.

The intention for this project is for it to be used as a limited edition concert poster. It's also a good personal reminder when creating art--to not limit myself to what I know, but to let go and let the creative process take over. I also think this phrase brings to mind a lot of imagery, so I'm super excited to get to work on it. Let's get to it!


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