Leave a trail. And Life is not about finding oneself, but about creating oneself.


I have never done lettering before, but love painting. I don't have any formal training but I just dabble with the brushes and try and create.

Some of my creations are posted as pics within my blog at www.imperfectlyperfectcreations.blogspot.com or on my FB page at www.facebook.com/imperfectlyperfectcreations

I want to learn this as a skill so I can add to the paintings and hopefully the abstracts I am planning on painting. 

I have two favorite phrases.. and will try and work on both. 

Since I am new to this art, would appreciate it if I can have input on any special tools or supplies I need. OR can I just pick up an HB pencil and start. 

Oh, and I don't have Adobe Illustrator? Will that be a roadblock? 

Thanks and I am looking forward to learning something new.