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Leave a Lasting Impression with Meaningful Illustrated Business Cards


Leave your mark! Business cards are extremely important pieces of one’s marketing artillery that should express brand image and make a very strong impression. Learn how to create a memorable business card through illustrations that accurately reflect the essence of your client. In this class, we will explore briefing, business card basics, color theory, illustration and lettering, and Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks. For the class project, you will create through an illustration software your own beautifully illustrated business card that impressed recipients would never dare throw away.

Are you ready to leave a lasting impression? Let’s get started!

PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: Create a Considerately Illustrated Business Card for a Client


Choose a client (any client! fictional, real, or for yourself) and create an illustrated business card for them using meaningful and relevant colors, illustrations, and hand-lettered type (optional). Use your design judgement to create a nice balance between text and illustrations.


Upload your illustrated business card. Please include:

  • The client and the brief
  • Brainstorming session lists and/or sketches
  • The "why" for your choices in color and illustration elements
  • The final business card, front and back


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