Learning to stylize

Learning to stylize - student project

I drew my office chair for the first exercise. In retrospect, I notice that I was not paying close attention because some details are missing (e.g. the plastic on the seat). So next time I'll try to get "deeper" into observation mode.

Learning to stylize - image 1 - student project

In the top left drawing is the chair drawn from memory and the others show how I believe the chair would look like from different angles.

Learning to stylize - image 2 - student project


I only have one succulent plant in my room with lots of layered leaves on it. So I thought at first that this is going to totally mess me up. The observational part was indeed not that easy because I had to keep track of the leaves I already drew.

In ideational mode the layers of the leaves are much more apparent and it was a lot of fun to draw this. And I was positively surprised when I applied the principle of FACES to draw the succulent in an even more stylized way. I never thought I could simplify a succulent this much and make it look kinda cute at the same time.

Learning to stylize - image 3 - student project

 I have miscalculated the size needed on the page for my workspace. So I made up the legs of the desk in ideation mode. Also, I should have moved the chair to the side because it obscures part of the desk. In ideation mode, I focused on the desk and just lightly sketched in the chair.

Learning to stylize - image 4 - student project

Learning to stylize - image 5 - student project

In this instance I actually prefer the drawing in observation mode. I even managed to capture my expression well. Unfortunately, I messed up my legs because my right foot is actually supposed to be behind my left foot. This carried over to the ideation sketch, even though I tried to correct for it. Also, even though I traced the lines better than in the previous sketches, I didn't remember the lines and relationships between them well enough. So I should focus on actually "downloading" the data and not just copying a reference.

Learning to stylize - image 6 - student project

Learning to stylize - image 7 - student project