Learning to love drills

Learning to love drills - student project

I've just completed the 14 days, using the limited selection of brushes and inks available to me. Mostly my brushes were a lot larger than those in the demonstrations, and my round tip brush didn't give a very clean line or end. Based on what I learnt I have bought more brushes and plan to run through the challenge again getting to know what they can do.

I wish I had been exposed to this sort of practice while at school, rather than being let loose with materials and equipment and left to sink or swim.

My inks were cheap ones I had bought to play with dip and scratch pens. 

Learning to love drills - image 1 - student project

Learning to love drills - image 2 - student project

I wasn't feeling very focussed during either of the door paintings, though I went to more effort with the second attempt. I wasn't aware of applying many of the brush strokes we had practised, but that's partly because I was trying to force the wrong brushes to doing the job. I am looking forward to exploring the new brushes and having another go at the whole thing before starting on the sampler project.


My new brushes arrived and I went through the exercises with them, culminating in third attempt at the doors. I was surprised by how much sharper this attempt came out, in both the marks and the tonal variation. 

Learning to love drills - image 3 - student project

Learning to love drills - image 4 - student project