Learning to draw fur!

Learning to draw fur! - student project

Loving this class so far! this is my first time ever drawing fur, I was so intimidated before and never even attempted it. These brushes and instructions make it so easy! I will post more animals as I finish them.

Learning to draw fur! - image 1 - student project



I played around with some texture brushes from the Bardot Dry and Gouache Paintbox sets to make the background for the llama. I also had some free tree stamp brushes from another skillshare class that I thought were fun to add as a subtle line between the llama and the mountains.

Learning to draw fur! - image 2 - student project



This duck was so fun to paint! I love the fluffy texture to the feathers in the smudge brush technique. I used the extra texture pastel brush from Artist's Pastels set to make the shadows on the beak and feet. Random background texture stamp brushes and splatter brushes to add some quick bits of interest in the background

Learning to draw fur! - image 3 - student project



Having tons of fun with these brushes... here is a fox. I mixed realistic and kawaii style

Learning to draw fur! - image 4 - student project

Same fox, but without the texture canvas

Learning to draw fur! - image 5 - student project