Learning to Learn


Wow! Loved this class. I can't believe how it helped me to clear my head and understand where I need to start this journey.

I've been jumping all over the place and I've signed up for sooo many courses. It's all left me feeling rather inadequate. Now, having watched The Art of Learning, I realize that the only way to eventually make something satisfying is to build my toolkit.

I especially love the idea of home base. When I read "home base" I thought Robert meant a place to work. Now, of course, I understand that it's a subject that I ought to visit again and again. I've yet to decide what my subject will be but I get how important it is to work on the same subject. It's all about learning and not producing. What a relief!

The idea of having a relationship with art resonated with me, too. I love that. I've always tried to copy other people's art. Now, I realize that's wrong. It will never be satisfying, because it's not mine. It's nice to know that once I've done the time, and learned how to wield the brushes and materials, I will produce something that is unique and therefore satisfying. 

The pie charts in Sessions drove that point home. Again, I saw the importance of working towards gaining a better understanding of the mediums and figuring out what they can do.

I'm a long way from showing anybody anything I draw or paint but at least now I feel like I can look at what I produce without that sinking feeling I always get. I'm a learner! Mistakes are good! 

Many thanks, Robert. A life-changing class. And that's not an over-stating it. : )