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Learning to Draw

Thanks for the class, Patrick. Inspirational as always. I'm in the early phases of learning to draw and this class gave me the focus I needed to step it up a notch. 

Some recent sketches from July 7th. Working on head tilts, 3D volume and most importantly the balance of 3/4 view sketches. Still have some issues to work out, and then on to more detailed anatomy studies. Enjoy!

Some face sketches:

Some more faces. I need to add more creative angles:

More faces. 3/4 view is tricky. Need more practice:

I don't need a sword when I'm riding a giant tiger with a fish finisher:

A perfect example of why I need to study and practice more anatomy:

Obi Wan is my hero! He actually destroyed the death star. Think about it :)

Colored after taking Patrick's Sketch to digital class:

Still learning to draw. Lots of drawings from reference images for now...

Clone wars rocks mostly thanks to Cody, oh and some Jedi magic tricks.


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