Learning to Draw - Basic Forms

Learning to Draw - Basic Forms - student project

So you want to learn how to draw more than stick figures? Then welcome to Learning to Draw! We'll start by building your basic foundations using the four basic forms - the cube, cylinder, cone, and sphere. These are one of the most important keys to learning how to draw anything you see. I'll take you step by step through each shape, as well as demonstrate how you can use them to draw more complex figures and objects.


Class Project Idea - Cherry Pick Your Still Life

Now comes the moment for you to try it yourself! Only you're going to need some supplies, so I want you to go to your kitchen pantry and your fridge (you heard me) and find yourselves some examples of the four basic forms. Trust me. They're there. Canned soup, tomatoes, sticks of butter, carrots or ice cream cones! Take at least one each to represent a form and assemble them on a table where you have a strong light source. Then draw them! Don't worry about the fine print details like the wrappers on soup cans or the fancy lettering on cereal boxes. Right now, focus on the basic shapes and how the light interacts with them. Then when you're done, post your finished drawing in the projects section so I can see it! And viola! You've just finished you're very first still life.


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I got my intro up on youtube! XD I can't believe I actually finished it! It seems choppy to me but I couldn't tell if it was because I had been staring at it for too long...



Links to my PUBLISHED class! :D



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