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Learning to Chop

After watching the videos I learned that I knew less about chopping vegtables than I could have imagined. I was doing everything wrong. I was holding the knife wrong, holding my non chopping hand wrong, holding the vegtables wrong and even cutting wrong. I think I covered it all. This videos may have been short but they taught me a lot.

I started practicing with the celery half-moon cuts.


I think they turned out rather well, which is more than I can say for some of the chops that came later!

That night I also cut up some green pepper.


Didn't do too badly. My cuts could have been a little smaller and more even but I'm sure that will improve with practice.

I didn't have an onion or a clove of garlic, so I had to go to the store the next night and pick some up. I don't eat onion myself and usually try to avoid it at all cost so buying some to cut up was a new experience for me. I had a lot of fun chopping the onion.


I did not chop it fast enough to avoid crying. I cried more chopping this onion than I did at my Grandmother's funeral.


After I diced the onion I thought the pieces looked too big so I tried to mince them. That didn't go so well and I just put them away.


For my last part of this project I tried to mince some garlic. I've never really used fresh garlic before in my cooking so this should be interesting. As a side note for anyone like me who doesn't know better, don't lick your finger after chopping garlic. Boy does it burn!


I think the garlic turned out well.


That is the end of my project. I will continue to practice my new skills and hopefully I will improve.


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