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Yolande Adedokun

Bathe Simply: Creating Bath and Body Spa Products



Learning the Craft of Handmade Soapmaking

I will taking my students into the world of creating their own bath and body spa products. We will start off by making handcrafted soap. The process we will use is called Cold-Process Soapmaking. It’s the traditional way of making soap by combining a fatty acid (oil) with an alkaline substance (lye) and create soap.


For the project, I’ll go through the process of learning how to prepare and execute a handcrafted soap. Will be making Bastille Soap. Made with skin-loving olive, coconut and castor oil. This recipe is great for babies, elder-folks and just people dealing with sensitive skin issues. This will give them the sure joy and benefit of creating something so wonderful with their own two hands.


Making cold process soap is not an overnight product. Creating soap can take 2 to 3 hours, but as times pasts on they will learn on how to balance their time. Also, creativity can play a role in the process. It takes 4 – 6 weeks to cure soap before it can be ready for use.


Before students begin we will go through preparation and safety guidelines, gathering materials, recipe, preparing lye, preparing oils, and checking temperature of lye and oils, getting to trace, then pouring mix in to their molds. It can be scary at first, but they will become pro’s in the art of soapmaking.


I hope they will enjoy this project. It’s always rewarding to create something with your own two hands because you appreciated it more.


Here is the link to my outline:








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